"That We Govern for Freedom"
"Oceans and Atmospheres"

These are official statements and documents; subject to correction and amendment.

Observations of Responsibility

"That this surface is a Garden of Man, among stars, we care for her."

Welcome are the tired and weary, from that trek to our borders.

"Welcome to the Gardens of Humanity."

Observations of Rule

Welcome to anARCH among this and other nations.
A perspective of construction, that is natural.

Observations of Responsibility + Challenged to find god by a spiderweb, I was told only god could save us; I found a god and a spiderweb. I identified the oldest among living things in my vicinity, and prayed in that direction of planet and garden near to me. I quickly realized that no man talking on a covert phone line, fit such a qualification. After finding the angels, I am learning how to manage. The identification of the timeline over thousands of years, and that measurement of a natural energy container, and unpolluted environment, were two things helping me to understand how god had already shown those conditions which were ideal for the long term development of flock and men. I was asked by something from the sky like pyramid, if men were to walk thousands of years and more, where would we need to walk. To understand some characteristics of a time line management and natural encounter models, I took the number of natural (PMTM)x RuL parallel containers near to me, and understood those other radio and energy additives men had made relative to what was proven successful already. Management was found to be responsible which supported management with decisions advancing society nearer those conditions which benefit the flock over a long term period of time; adhering to a road identified as the longest among men and flock to live; where we have developed already to this day we are able to understand such rul.

Observations of RuLe + On a natural time line, the (PMTM)x RuL parallel containers record the actions of men on the surface to some unknown distance in space as part of the continuums. The activities among men, and those actions we took with defense, are observed always by the heavens. At distance in space, these flights against our garden, will observe the reaction of men on the ground. This is compared to a scope observation, where at some distance in space, those men who inhabit the trade routes between this and another planets, will observe our actions with a type of distance dated discrepancy in the continuum relative to a "common time." That men are responsibly learning to manage according to proven by the planet, and are scientifically learning how to understand the way we should manage back to what is proven over time in our planets history.

Perspective Management + The government of an Arch, is managed with a perspective model. "of construction" is placed into the center of the Ruler model, and with three dimensional form, a transform takes the shape of that construction. Two observations are found, and both have differing data about that construction to a same distance, and are of the same time when they are on a same model shape. This permits an unlimited number of individual observations. This property, is a perspective I have of said construction, and about a god I found understanding astronomy and the age of the life of the planet, as a place old enough that the gods do walk here. An increasingly complex observation is found as more accurate, when others contribute their own perspective for the same construction.


Each nation can have appointed representation among World Governments. The only thinking higher than an international territorial leadership forum among men and nations; is considered Heavens, and of those we are only learning. This is that leadership derived from an understanding of what is already proven environmentally sustainable on a timeline, for the evolution of man and flock, for millions of years on our planet past with consideration of where to walk toward the future. Man and Flock are forged by Planet and Gods, we are each born crafted of evolutionary workshops and eternities. I have today included a limited presentation from the Natural Perspective. Please read about Archa and contribute a perspective from your own nation! The consideration that church and state should not rule one an other is made such that a personal ethic while servicing the gods is self identified and often the subject of agreement or dispute among a political process. where the state sometimes imposes a rule, our belief occasionally influences the choices we make during such administration. My belief includes Planet, Environment, Life as part of a natural order, and where Liberty and Pursuit for flock are expected as part of our prosperity agreement. The consideration, for LP among men, as part of the record at distance in space, is a political considerations when a violation of such prosperity agreements is discovered during such administration.



Government of anArch Embassy and Ambassador(s); Florida State Seat; Continuums Government

Contribute! Early design work for the American Union is progressing! Recently, how to manage according to time and example is being learned for the government perspective of management for the American (AU) (North and South America).

These documents are still under construction, do not complain about early access to these topics without proposing a solution. I welcome intelligent communication.

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