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My Ark.

Arch: Of construction
Ark: Construction of Belief

+ The government of an Arc; practice that is strict to practice.
+ My catholic upbringing
+ The energy exchange. The universe of light and information
+ What is natural and what is not. The second is responsibly useful
+ The exploration of Ark with Arc
+ Spirit practice among +R
+ Arc Visu
+ Ark Holography
+ e Spiritus Anima, Ark Anima
+ Construction of my personal belief among +R and +G.
+ Construction of a form to survive this flesh.
+ Belief among the Archa
+ Zodiac, Symbology, Numerology, Seers
+ Para-physics
+ Can make shades, dimensionals, of animals; birds, lizards, amphibians, etc.
+ Fascinated by Intelligent orders illuminous) and natural orders of intelligence (elluminous) and 
  dimensional transition for conscious intelligence. 


Should I stray, observe that which keeps me safely on the natural road. These prosperities agreed among men, I agree to guide my action in his territories. We should not want to bring sin before an alter. Environment, Life; That should my actions violate any of these said, it is questioned. 

My belief is declared Arkist, Ark Catholic, for the paperwork, the state might describe some of my belief an Ark +Catholic. These statements my safe among nations and peoples.

An oath of anARK

With the hand raised to the book of records (a uLINE in motion) in the time light continuum's, an oath is sworn; to serve a natural RULE. That the continuum of information will not reveal a deviation of my own statement of action from that data the continuum's carry away from my self as record to the universe, and where affirmed. That with measure, the RULE is discovered present when the planet bore the garden, and then the flocks; a truth of mom and dad. This oath can be taken on a planet, a moon, or perhaps anywhere in space and time, and reference a similar truth of the uLine and RULE.

Note: The environmental regulation gets more effective in response each year, and penalty prevents careless behavior. 

I develop Visu and Holography; I will provide support for free, and the books are not for sale or available freely online.

Ask for copy of workload when contributing. Volunteers offer to provide a service for free.

Contact Preference:
Email, Messenger App(s)
Address is
General Address

+ Arch Affiliation
+ Study
+ Belief
+ Tools
+ Intelligent Logical Orders: 
      + Biological 
      + Machilogical
      + Dimensional

Looking for other:
+ Ark Priest, Fellow; of the alter for the Temples of Time.
+ Other (A+R): Ark Catholic 

Creative Interest:
Time based projects ... 
Participating Interest: GoA; QuanTunnel, Quantum Bell Inc.

Tag(s) Note: 
Oceans of Eternity and the Governments of Archa.
Among the Temples of Time in the hall of records (the data in a continuum of energy like light).


Michael Arch Illumuel

We are each born and named.

We are not permitted to show off. Here is a clip simply demonstrating the Arc in Arcane:
The government of an Arc, Begins when first finding your Arc.
Minor example here about 
1 minute and 30 seconds into the clip. |1:30. 

If you are practicing Ark Holography this is considered a Sparc and a Spark.
+ This clip is an example of the Sparc of Arcana. 
+ It is considered a Sparc of Arkana if it is purposed for something like spirit making.
+ You can learn with me at

Read More about Michael/Illumuel:
Celebrations Those among +R, Recent Observance

The Time Light Continuum tell a continuously reliable truth
and displayed in Arch Tools is an Angle for such observation. 
To trust a god, and to know that the universe RuLs see a truth, 
is a comforting thought.

+ I govern my Ark with perspective:
+ That to make a spark between my fingers, I learn to govern an Arc. 

Natural Roads and relating to things seen in the Sky: Intersteller

Learn More:
Applying God’s Law: Courts and Mediation in the U.S.
Wikipedia: Religious Law

Considered a necessary function of the 
church, and few volunteers. Michael Marley 
is a volunteer with availability.

Belief: Ark
Alter: Natural
Ark Natural, Ark Law: Rule and Responsibility

This month of May, is an other celebration of Mass!
Pay attention to the Aquarids meteor shower this month and our growing planet earth!

Tithe and sole.

Views from over 100+ Countries.

Views from over 100+ Countries.