Ark Definitions
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A+R: Ark +Religion; Natural Ark plus an added belief structure.

A/AnA single or combination of Infinite Perspectives for a point. the "an," is a Point relative model with marker position location, a perspective of the point is observed and recorded. (P:MTM; still precise, and of an natural order) Each pearl have an marker perspective, and like stars or planets, words and concepts, can use PMTM model to make a/an perspective observation. 

anArc Perspective of Energies (sparc, spark, ...); ; container model(s) pmtm

anArch Perspective of Construction, Construction of Perspective; container model(s) pmtm

anArk Perspective of Belief, container model(s) pmtm

Arc: Energy, Spark

Arc Holography: ParaPhysics

Arc Visu: Practical learned Visu, having achieved your personal Arc.

Arca Types: [from root Arc] (arctypes) Logical or archaic order of various types of energy, which might be governed for a purpose or another to include making a spark. That arc of magic from any of the (Biological) Archa types. The arch of each man, governs the arc of life for the same. Reference to many unrelated or related arc types. That observation matter can govern a sparc for some useful purpose. Arca referring to a collection of technology governing a sparc.

Arch: of some construction.

Archa: Reference to various types of construction among logical orders and things derived from them. The collective lights of Governance observed Archa among G; A light called Governance.

Archa Type: (arch type) Logical orders of some construction.

Arcy: A reference to the varied governance among types of sparcs; the structure within electronics which is used to govern each sparc to some result; Here the government of an Arc could refer to the spark your cellphone governs to enable communication, or the sparc your body might govern to enable magic. The observation of government of an Arcy, or many sparcs: The technology set of a territory can be said an Arcy.

Ark: Construction of belief; Natural Perspectives;  

Ark Holography: +Religious other application among an Arky for Holography. Describes a use for holography practice by a +R; understanding Governance among +R; Application of Energetic Arc for Ark Holography.

Ark Visu: +Religious or other application among an Arky for Arc Visu; describes a use by a +R; 

Arka: Reference to various types of religious constructions and beliefs among logical orders and things derived from them. The collective lights of Religion observed Arka among R; A light called Faith. 

Arka Type: (ark type) Logical orders of some religious or other construction. Reference to the multiple Archa of Governance as attributed to each. An archaic order of many religious constructions. Spirit Types.

Arky: A reference to varied governance among religious belief. Reference to a whole when stating a territory. Here, The government of an Ark is referring to the government of belief or practice within a territorial Arky, or among territorial arky. The region has a very complicated Arky and more than six hundred tribes. Pluralized reference for many religious constructions; referring to the many governance of; references to many structures for belief and ritual, burial rites and spirit making ceremonies, continuation and transitional structures, mythologies, territorial gods and hierarchies, etc; Reference to many religion(s) among vessel(s).

Ark Law:Arch Law is the basic Ark legal system derived from the religious, social, and governing precepts of Natural Belief. Law is precisely derived from proven natural longest by the heavens and planet. The term Ark Law comes from the English language summation of term as collectively among nations, Arch Law, which is means "construction of legal reasoning," as argued among many logical perspectives, derived from human cognitive analysis, divine natural reasoning, and argued or agreed rule and legislation.

Cunsumer: From the root cun, instead of con.  

Holography: Trained or Learned Holography

Vis an Ark: To see data from a marker or point position perspective as an, that is of construction for belief; "an" describes some position for observation within a P:MTM Model for a belief structure, symbol, ..., t center of the model after the marker transform is made.

Visu: Trained or Learned Visu;

Visualisation: Trained or Learned Visu; To "sation;" Satisfaction.

Visualization: Trained or Learned Vizu; To "zation;" Productivity.

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