Observation Ark

Here I am considering these things I saw in pictures, and thought they could be understood 
with this type of presentation. Many cultures have these types of holidays to thank the gods or some celestial representations.

+ Tribal gatherings, a brew called Ark Tribal
+ Ark Tribal Empires: China, Sands, Europe, Americas (Maya/Aztec/Indians)
+ Ark +G Empires: Militarists engaging the tribes (Rome, Americas)
+ Ark +R: Churches and borders, Carneveil of Moral (Crusades, inquisition, south America)
+ Ark +G, +R Set(s) and Spirit Making

+ Festival of the Suns (stars): Theme; (image search: Two suns, Five Suns, SOHO Anomaly)
+ Festival of the Planets (surfaces): Theme; (Recently seen "Pluto" with an onsite camera, discovered over 3000 other possible planets in the same region for placement near a star, considered by men today as a condition for life and temperature tolerance of surface.  (We think we can see 3000, but we have not physically discovered them yet.)
+ Festival(s) of Creation: Theme; Aquatics, Dinosaurs, Man; The natural evolutionary conditions god and universe crafted each celebrated here, discovered over 3000 other possible planets with possible gods and flock. 
+ Festival of Fertility: That men can be fertile on earth and perhaps among the surfaces. A celebration that men might achieve that next plane of existence among surfaces like the islands of oasis in an abyss, and be also fertile there. 
+ The Carnevale of Oasis, a Celebration of Life and Environment.

The Masquerade: Dress code at a ball called Earth: 
Theme; Among the masks he Wear.

To think of a ball and the masks he might wear. Why should we court evil? It would lead a man to believe it could be controlled, until it is strong enough to not be controlled. Why would anyone dance at such a ball, they are just masks aren't they?

Annual Celebration(s) this month of October:
+ The Festival(s) of Animated Spirits: Theme; Hallows eve, Halloween; Correlates with a discovery for spirits derived from men, flock, other terrestrials.

A Festival of the Sun fun fact! (From my profile)
Do not concern these days for the water, concern for its purity. As comets and iceous object pass by our sun, they sometimes get too close. The matter is converted by heat and the water is super-heated and sterilized away from the heat source if it is not collected. These things new or old are collected by the planets. Earth collects water in rainy or dry seasons of the sun. Sometimes the sun has a lot of moisture containing fluids in the rock which pass by it, and sometimes it can go very long periods without. This water is dispersed, and earth collects it when it is available near its path. This is how the water got to the other planets, and it is how I observe it for most stars we might travel too. The earth is much older than we think she is; I also believe Pangaea was gradually submerged. I am not sure dinosaurs and men are the only largest generations of our garden. When the water from these rocks is convert/processed by the surface of the sun, some mass is incinerated and some of it is collected by the planets. What is seen by the trail of a comet is an example of what a planet might gradually collect. On Pluto, we see that process of geology as it might have been for earth when she was so small and eventually like earth growing over some period of time from what it collects naturally in our system. I suggest the observation for the collection of water by earth, and how it is perhaps processed near the sun, a solar/star water cycle. This is important, because it explains how other planets might have also got their water and other elements. I consider the sand we have on earth might be derived from the process the matter might experience near the sun surface, and as it cools further from it. I think sometimes it such small amounts annually, and just how long such a process really takes. Planets that I know of, can survive for billions of years, stars billions and billion, and galaxies even more. As for such a slow process, it is interesting to observe some of the cycles. It is important because we might be able to someday make a similar observation of another star. 

This Month of December

December 7, 2015 

Witching Hour; Today is a wonderful day! An excuse to be a sorcerer in a very technically complex way. 

December 10, 2015

Use a 720nm Lense on your IR Camera and look near the sun today, to see who I am.

Thank You.



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