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Short Version
The snakes... of whom among men, let tel out of the box, that serpent... Must I be a snake charmer or squid farmer? This creature of threads and strings is from the abyss of stars, and of such a place we know not the animals, less those we see in the skies. We show for a hundred light years our colors (radio) to those creatures, who like bees to honey, want a sniff of our garden vale. This web of things, spiders and creatures of frequent, what might come from the tangle in between. What hornets will land at our hive, or collect from our vale. The snake, another of the gods flock, serpents who move at our feet, and like the birds who rule the skies; men earn rule among peoples and flocks, serving the heavens among gardens. Or perhaps it is, that god made the large serpents, and then he made men, and we learn to fly, fertile in a bigger Forrest. The ways of god are not always kind, but for the whole of the people do we all benefit the tempering of our talons with argument and agreement, and to meet those others between gardens, away from the protection of our gods. That we might be triumphant for him, to behold the accomplishments we have made as man; This world or another. As for fathers, and for the her of gardens among the stars who make the flocks we are, is the oldest among biologically alive that is known, it is the arch of the garden planet that is already hundreds of millions of years old and more, is the point we serve on, as the oldest and wisest among us. That aspiring as caretakers of the gardens, man might be granted spirit and compete naturally for favor among his kingdoms of creation.

The Gardens and Surfaces
The gardens of man today have national names as territories, and tomorrow the surfaces of our solar system will be like among men. Should men choose the natural road, that road which has proven millions of years long already that we have walked, seeking a million more. The garden of gardens, Eden on earth, but a beginning for responsible men.

Fun Fact
Men speculate the discovery of more than 3000 other planets today. Our telescopes are revealing that other surfaces among other stars, exist. That when we find a garden, men will eventually set sail to that other place.

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