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Ark and Tools: Technology Technology can take and give life. It is natural to moralize a technology. The Natural Religions First, observing the natural development of humanities technologies, and for a comparison among those people of the stars. These also, as evident from those beasts in the skies, they have also developed over some period of time, both technology and capability, the I, that permits each with such intelligence to eventually sail on those oceans of stars. That each needed to learn technology to advantage, a minimum technical achievement among worlds, and to achieve such a common thing as the sailing between those surfaces to sight, communicate, and meet. Technical Knowledge can be beneficial and harmful; we moralize these issues for both men and environment. An other note on Magic as Technology: The practice of Visu in the book I am writing, it once made me blind. Technology is a part of my belief. To understand light, time, energies, the planets and stars of the universe, is also a part of my belief. To moralize among technology while moralizing the reality of technology and biology, is for management among natural things. At this site, others can watch our knowledge progress and contribute to what is permitted as discussed in some forum.

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