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Universe, Points, Environments, Life, Fertility|P



Universe: Infinite expanses and interaction.

Points: The Stars and Planets in a Universe of Galaxies. For men, the natural road we call earth.

Environments: The surface conditions of a planet, required before life can be naturally present. That service to a biosphere. 

Life: The general ways of life among peoples and species. Nations like America suggest the L can also mean a legal protection among men for Life as part of a prosperity agreement. Those who live longer than men; thousands, tens of thousands of years or more. A galaxy can live for trillions of years or more, a star for tens of billions of years or more, and planets for billions of years or more; these are termed the Time Planes and the Environments among them. "Humanity aspires to live as long as the planes." Gods live for very long periods of time; that which I know to be biologically alive already for hundreds of millions of years, is our planet surface.



Earth, where Universe, God, and Environment forge Men and Flock, is our Eden among heavens.
A theologian might argue some of the terminology I might use today or some presentation of it.

Environment and Evolution (E2)

The course of evolution for men has been through the ages with the flock an biosphere among our total point environment. The conditions of this natural road men have walked, that millions of years long has proven time an again to be ideal for biologicals already, is that which we walk by choice  with responsibility. We had a talk with a god on this garden about technology, and before men began to stray from those natural conditions, chasing signals and genes. The evolution of our flock suggest that the planet and the universe worked with natural conditions understood well enough to make each of us here, and we should not alter these while learning to manage to what is proven natural, always.  

There are some who would argue god and creation. I agree with the conversation, because we as men have become a consciousness intelligent logical arch type. We communicate, we learn, we have belief. There is some importance with this topic. To say men flew to the planet, or were copied out of a womb machine, suggest that we might not have evolved of the planet. I Believe we belong to the planet, this is our temple of birth. That the course of our evolution is on this point, this observation is often how it is determined if a people belong to the planet or surface each might occupy. That those beasts or people observed were born originally a product of the Universe and the Gods of Creations; the workshop of millions and billions of years, not decades. This is how I argue with a people who would challenge our care of a gods gardens; we were made by the universe of chance and should learn to do this.

Travel and Exploration
When men visit another garden, we might not have such a history in that other place. Who made men? The universe of interactions, a planet, and some gods. To have such a history among multiple planets, is a heritage that belongs to men forever. Our roots, our early education, even the belief of our people today. These are the results of men who learned to write and to teach it to one an other. How men got smart as we did, the I, Consider it was god, and among the gods they are always teaching lessons to men. 

It is important that men demonstrate a heritage on the planet, and we do so with science and the things we build; looking to a our past to declare that: Man and Flock are Forged by Gods and Environments, an tempered by whichever region we find ourselves in the Universe.

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