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What is a covenant?
A covenant is an agreement that should not be broken. This suggests that it has consequences should we choose otherwise. To make this understood among men, I tell about the covenant we have already. The covenant is an understanding of a point time line, what is natural, and the unforgiving penalties for an natural deviation.

A talk in the garden.
For hundreds of millions of years and more, the planet has been in the universe and successfully developed men and the flocks around him. The course of this road has seen dinosaurs, man and the flocks. To make some indicator for the time light observation, millions of light years away, we still see the dinosaurs roam the earth. Along this natural road, the conditions for the flock did not include continuous artificial airborne signaling, pollution's, chemicals, etc.. The biosphere evolved without such an influence over this period of time. I am smart today because thoe conditions were " just right", God shows us what works already. We recorded a talk arranged among the gods in the garden territories. We ate from the trees of knowledge, and covered up because of it. As we continue to grow Intelligent, and more dangerous, our responsibility gets greater as we grow societies with more people and among more points like the moon and mars. This talk with god, I considered what are the natural consequences. Why is such an observation important to men from the garden. 

The added signaling to the biosphere is observed over the course of men, and here after our talk we find an unnatural abundance of something we often believe today we could not live entertained without. The flock evolved with some conditions successfully, and men might have changed some of the conditions of that successful evolution. The natural evolutionary conditions of the road are known as a covenant. Why is it the covenant? I was asked, if I were to identify a road which was long enough for men to walk toward a destination millions of years from now, that place where some ARCHA is seen, where would I find the road? 

Observing Containers
I ask what the repercussions are for adding to the biosphere energy container observations. Should we fall from this road, the machines of men stop producing the signals eventually, and the natural road is longer than men. Where do we fall and what is the ground? We fall toward the ground, back down to the road that is natural. The history of the road, and the consequences of a detour, lead back to the natural road for the planet. The natural road at some distance in the universe, is also observed to some distance in our past. Both longer than where men are today.  

So god said, we would eat from the tree, and we did. He said we would walk through the valley, and we are. He said we would question that road we could walk. We are, and to find it again because we know it will get us there. The covenant is direction from god to keep our feet on the ground and measure permissible deviation from where our feet tread, as our population grow to tens and dozens of billions of people.

To understand containers, read more about them here.

(for others who want to think it out with me for presentation here)

Ark: This same natural road is correlated as successful on other planets. We have one and more examples of the condition successfully carrying a people farther in time and space to find our atmosphere. Why is this important, because the same statement can be made in other biospheres like the Archa observations of intelligent logical orders meeting a minimum technical achievement that is space flight.

Container Equation 100m+|P|1x?. We must stay on the same road to find the solution from this central point. The same line has the 100m on the other side of the point path. The first part of the line is 100's of millions of years long, then we come to the point, and it could be 100's of millions of years longer after that. The conditions of the line through history here debating signaling at the point reltive to each distance forward or back. The same observation from three dimensional time, when coming to this point, is putting signals out into space, so it is like it is glowing in history to make this observation about artifical signaling. The road on the other side of the point is also with natural conditions to make the other observation from 100 millions years future of the same point. So this glowing point only spans for some period of years at such an intensity in history, and relative to the biosphere, PEARL Containers, men and flock. The right choice: (nec)100myears+|P|(nec)+100myears nec = is natural evolutionary conditions.

I view the covenant like this: If we stay on the road the universe built, we will reach our destination, that Archa seen in the distance. The covenant is an agreement to follow directions
and question a detour from natural. I believe that this shines for us in history the choice our people make.

Observation Ark:

+ We often walk with that light called 
  belief in sight, whilst the ages keep her lit. 
+ The alter for this Covenant, Natural. The E for Environment an L for Life.

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