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If you would like to contribute to these notes or assist in mending these with more proper presentation and communication, it is welcome. The observations are the future of mankind, what can guide men responsibly through the ages; I suggest it is the guidance of the gods among us and the men who value the generations of men to follow. 

Nothing official but... 

A vision of Archa
This vision is for Archa. This is what I saw, I walk around for a while. 

If men know where to walk, most of them will walk what is guaranteed to get them 

Viewing: For anyone who understands working with time, or viewing in time, it is important that the long term vision for the community is always proper to tried and proven true. The long term viewing includes along these paths very little unnatural signaling and plenty of technology using mostly invisible light for communication. Viewing is to adhere to the natural road and innovate around unnatural considerations or use of unnatural energies. The viewing is being done deliberately to aid men back to the road which is millions of years or more long. After idenitifying the natural road, I "see" down this road for future research. 

If you are a viewer/seer with a known externalization, please be cautious with application of any energy you might learn to govern when interacting with time or other aspects of seeing.

Goals for energy 
For men to be successful both on the surface and between surfaces, we must identify a common fuel for our people and our machines. The concept of Archa here is the use of that which is safe and reliable. The water cycle presented on the website demonstrates that there is water among the surfaces of man and other stars; NASA has recently verified it on Mars. The manner it is collected perhaps somewhat identical among places. On the surface, we are using unnatural energies. To select an energy which can power a car, a plane, and yield thrust above the oxygen ceiling. A concept of Archa is that water sustains men, and that it also sustain the machines of men. We require it to survive, and it can power our machines among surfaces. 

To identify that road to Archa; we know will lead us in the right direction through the ages.

Vision of Archa; GoA
Flag model: A flag is started, and it collects some symbols. he reason the symbols are added, is often to deliver a message to the people of some sort of achievement. America used this model as it added states. As the population of men grow, a need arise that they should not fight in the nest, and should perhaps could out and explore things a bit. As we make a settlement on another surface, we might add a representation to our flag. Then present the people with an achievement, who quite naturally, might want to achieve more. As men grow in settlement and expanse of empire, we might elementally have more than one star for our flag, or choose to keep adding surface representations to it. Eventually, we begin to use some representation of stars as we grow our flag. With each triumph, we share among members the accomplishment with the addition to the flag; with or without participation. As men acquire more surfaces and territory we add more to it. The model tends to natural achievements in a cited "proper" naturally competitive direction.

This is a model of an Archa flag. 

The flag model Serves: Men among territories for the purposes of inspiring achievement among them for popular support and societal advantage. This model follows a natural progression for men, and along the longer road we are responsible to. This model has been in use by men for long periods of time. The identification here is to coincide with natural long term observations and the longer proven road we must each walk to achieve. We must choose the natural conditions of a longer evolutionary road here on earth, and those other places we might go. Responsibility.

Progressive Model Example
Representations of nations/territories added to flag.
Representations of surfaces by our star added to flag, or territories on them.
Representation of surfaces among other stars added to flag, or territories on surfaces around them.


Archa Model(s; Flag and Infrastructure:) AM of Humanity
Naturally competitive flag model built by exploration and surface habitation.

|                                         |
|  * o o o    star and earth moon mars +  |
|   * o       star and surface +          |
|                                         |
|                  o                      |
|                                         |
|  * * *      earth moon mars +           |
|                                         |
|                                         |
|                  or                     | 
|                                         |
|                     other               |
|                                         |

Flag model use: long term natural road;
can follow progress and consolidation 
on model for > 10k+ Years, 100k Years, ...

Following along an observation of the Archa Flag model, it becomes evident the infrastructure and defensive requirements for a growing people. The same Flag model describes the natural progression for some of the larger intelligent logical archs of people among stars and surfaces. The natural selection, or interaction among peoples growing in this identified common way to sail among stars, can be like the woods at night. 

Reference: The observation of Arka, lay also among the constructions of belief for +Religions of peoples and surfaces. 

Reference: The observation of Archa with other life, can be found here on

The Archa of men and nations, among nations of men and surfaces with flock.

I suggest it is called Archa, but the light is observed governance among the pearls described.

For Arka, it is that which is acknowledged and unacknowledged among men and other biological we might meet among other surfaces. The Arka of men and nation, among nations of men, who are service to the light of faith. 

I  suggest it is arka, but the light is observed only as faith. 

For Arca, the governance of a spark or among those sparks governed by men to some benefit of the people. The technology of man like power lines, wireless phones, or magical pursuits among other things.

Positioning Archa for observation with time; we begin to build Archa by defining an observation.

+ The observation of Archa is +G as the combined light called "Governance." 
+ The observation of Arka is +R as the combined light of "Faith"; The temples and alters positioned among +R. 
+ The Arky, The Arcy, and the TLC included; to name only a few among the governance's by logical orders and the Universe.

An Observation:
The evolutionary course of men, flock, the trees and shrubbery are only a few things which have evolved with us here on earth. The millions of years it took for the universe of things we know in one condition, changed by signaling and technology for some short period of time. Perhaps god thought we were to get carried away with it and had that talk with us on our garden. The course of men as walking a natural road, suggest that we should trust the universe evolves us properly with a known environment and proven period of effectiveness. I'm writing this today. To adhere to these natural environments is always the goal.

A Short List: 
- An environment without unnatural signaling, is considered natural.
- Behavior is considered natural among men and flock.
- The differences among men and flock are considered natural.
- Born attributes of man and flock are considered natural.

Natural also relates to the interaction among men and flock: each have evolved over the ages with survival skills that permit them to face one another and find danger in their local environments if it exists. To be able to speak louder for more people to hear, and whisper for less of an audience, is natural among communication for men. The skills for survival have been honed where we work among one another in that way which we can trust our evolution is doing the job for our people the way it always has. Seeing an animal in a vicinity, it can be chased away, and the man honed to defend himself and his family in such an environment. Those things unnatural include those systems which violate natural conditions among man and flock; this is not to say unnatural is not permitted, it is to answer the question of intelligent innovation with right directions.

The observation of things unnatural applies to the conditions 
of some environment; signaling, modified foods, modified environments, etc.

A representation of the natural road:

Men __________________| millions of years long, natural | ___ |more islands for man| ____________________Technology ^^^^(walking across high wire) : the identifiable selected road _______ | millions more, natural | _____________  

It is a long road which we observe when we consider the Arca 
shown as ^^^^ on the time line which has emerged since a talk 
in the garden with a god about the dangers of 
knowledge among men.  All along the time time, things are normal, 
and then this spot of signal starts to shine. That is where god 
asked the question, told us story, and it is where men make a lot 
of choices. He does it to most people he manages, i believe, among planets. 
I believe we should govern close to this road, 
that leaving the path of natural evolutionary conditions,
we note it is dangerous for men, like a high wire ^^^^. 
The emergence of airborne signaling and chemicals is not the 
history of our people. These things have over the course of men 
only emerged within the smallest fraction of, and we should 
consider how far from that road we dwell among each of us. 
Governing, of course the proper things.  

I am still learning about Archa. Using the container structure presented, 
picture the longer road to the left of the point as a line and that a person might stand on the point and look right to a time forward position. I see archa in the distance along the same conditions as the road we have already walked.

Consider also that the planet and the universe evolved things like corn and wheat too, and tinkering with millions of years of evolution and genes can be a dangerous thing from modified crops or pesticides designed to kill insects and not the men eating from the same crop. These conditions are to be avoided for the wellness of the people, this also correlates with the longer road.

A Rule of Thumb
A rule among GoA members: For all the things we speak about good and bad. Those in leadership among us and among nations; each is inclined to select only that which is most beneficial for all the people along this road we travel. Our management is always to that which is natural among the biological's on each surface we visit. That which is beneficial the people, often earns a spirit. 

Uses and Roads
The use of the flag model, and that road we will follow as a people;

Their is a conversation here about the "planes of humanity:" it is to be in book 9, it explains that should the plane of a few men be isolated to an ocean island, what happens if a wave were to come and that was all the men on the small island. The men survive, and set sail to other shores with their families and are no longer at the whim of a waters surface and rains. Should the plane of man be confined to the surface of a single place, then they could also suffer some fate. Men build boats and sail to other islands, and here we make mention of those other shores on earth, and those other gardens among the archa of the heavens. Men have naturally grown to explore both territory and water, and sky. We have recently achieved flight into an abyss of which know little about. Most men might today believe other gardens are a myth. The planes of humanity when other settlements are achieved, is taken from that which is millions if we adhere to a natural road here, to that which can be ten of millions or more years among planetary surfaces and for the life of a people. This is a common achievement among some intelligent logical orders, all looking to the same abyss. One type of boat or transportation to the next, a few sailor here, and few sailors there. Time and again we might question adherence to the natural road among surfaces we inhabit and the explorations of them. The "here and now" and with knowledge of guidance for long term ambitions of man yield better management. We should understand the natural path is not only survivable on another surface, but it has permitted men to evolve over said millions of years here. The risk of annihilation is a high wire men should not walk over the natural road. 

Leaving the nest, the gods preparing men; like a bird before they visit the wilderness with what they have learned.

SEE Archa of the Heavens; The new documents might assist in correcting and/or adding to these statements above.

Government of Archa at |Perspective (Model Use)

Surfaces, Environments, Life, Freedom. SELF of Society
Building with stones one at a time.

The covenant page describes a natural observation.; This is an early covenant of Archa.

With such stated belief, what are we to protect as seen from a |Marker position 
for an observation of a Point Surface: 

SEE Sustainable Evolutionary Environments at |perspective.

Archa: The |points and |purpose.

1. Earth has been, and will continue to be, biologically alive for hundreds of millions of years or more.
2. The flag modeling demonstrates a progression of infrastructure and society over such a time period.
3. Along such a timeline, Elluminati, service to Environment and Life, the angle of EL in Angel names.
   Always, we are with service to the gods; among surfaces we visit or inhabit, and along the progressive flag 
Note: While an American might argue Life and Liberty are a legality among men, the LL in the name generally protect life and liberty within a natural ecosystem. "Criminal is not a beast." The second L is for Luminous.

General Information
An other |perspective for the Government of Archa. Place GoA at center of the point model shown. The observation |Marker around central guides ruler positions at perspectives on a two or three dimensional plane. 

The Arka, that governance among faith. I consider there is the work of men in service to the ways the gods have inspired. And that place the gods often speak from is their temples and peoples. 

So generations of our children and those of our flock, continue to evolve along the road with the same conditions our ancestors where able to achieve an evolved intelligence with. 

Truth and Trust
Reliability and Dependability

The TLC Time Light Continuum is considered a reliable truth when the passage opf information from stars and surfaces is understood. This I use to describe how god know or discover a truth. The TLC has observed the growth of men and nations through the ages. The light from our bodies as we walk around, the light goes into the sky, and it can be seen again at some distance, and again from another perspective and distance. This is a reliable continuum of information. It does not lie, unless it is fooled by an obscuration technology or natural things. The angle which is shown has some of this description and with reliability and dependability of the natural governance for light and observed time.

Archa Among nations, Archa among stars (on sea, on sea)

I have presented a Time Light Container to aid in further understanding this topic of my Ark; refer to 0|P|0 Container Modeling.

Views from over 100+ Countries.