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Alters already forged for us by universe and gods; A temple garden called Earth/Eden, and the alters of +R. 

Observation of things near to the alter wrapped with PEARL Containers:

A+R; A pearl called Faith. Speaking with the Arch of Religion placed among the alters +R 
A+G; A pearl called Governance. The observation among the +G
A+P; A pearl called Prosperity. Selfless survivable prosperity agreements; el, llp, ellp, trade aka et, "holy ghost"
A+T; A pearl called Tools. Technology. (where are my tools a+t)
A+E; A pearl called Environments. Naturally sustainable environments
A+S; A Pearl called Science. Study and Practical art

These shiny objects are casually dubbed pearls because they take such along time to make and maintain as a result of process natural and/or biological in origin. I personally consider these each shine like stars, and that is what we see in the sly at night. 

Arch Types:
Letter shown here is English first character. 
On Translation: First letter used after + varies by 
language with character presentation for a cross+word.

+S is collective any selection of +Science; Progress
+E is collective any selection of +Environment; Longevity
+T is collective any selection of +Tools; Trade

+R is collective any selection of +Religion; Moral 
+P is collective any selection of +Prosperity; Community
+G is collective any selection of +Government; Leadership

Natural Alters
The observation Ark is each my belief across those named here and more. The perspectives +R, as each religion, add to the shine of +R, and then I put it in the TLC model to understand each.

The meaning of Arch I currently accept is of construction, and Ark is of construction for belief; and I suggest also spirit.

The observation of each add to a shine for each with intensity. This is The reasoning for the compass tool shaped like a star and with the knowledge of navigation. An angle can represent a truth, and combined in different ways around the point of the angle. It makes it appear like a three dimensional navigation symbol, or star and I use the time light model to understand the pearl more. A collection of knowledge learned, a collection of religions, or governments; The light from these has other things cast a shadow as learned, practiced, or understood. 

A symbol of each, lighted and with a shadow (information) barrier. Some have suggested that a star does not have a shadow. A shadow if often precisely less some light or energy the other side of the object is precisely more of. The shadow is found looking for information at some perspective. Use a small object and look at it near. Note the absence of some information behind the object because of perspective. This is part of what I have early dubbed the shadow barrier region because that exposure to a vast container of light is absorbed or changed by the point on the other side of it, with some precision less in the shadow at perspective.

An observation Ark of the work for assembling these points each with a TLC model, is to see a shining cluster of lights, to guide among men like stars we can navigate; and with a hand full of pearls we might use wherever we go.

Read here for definitions.

The Alters
For the Arch of Man, I refer to the gardens of humanity and their flocks, the Arky of the heavens, as that direction I pray among the life of the gardens and her territories. The alter makes where i stand to pray and often with life in proximity, in that way of +religion or belief, wherever is selected to stand or make prayer. I pray in the direction of our future along an idenitified natural road and with respect for our origin. I pray as life, or the only life before... on that surface, I pray as that arch which understands the governance's enabling prayer from that location. 

On this garden called earth, or another, respect is given always, e and i, to the gods and their kingdoms in the universe. Some +Religions have an alter which is already positioned with some direction for us to speak with heavens, and it is in these places, this garden or another, we sometimes face our origins with Arky among creators and Arch Angels. The natural alter is my perspective for understanding each of the +Religions and other PEARL Topics. Respect for the Universe and her Archy of Gods and their deity placements among surfaces and gardens is important. Man and flock as fertile among the Stars and Surfaces, This Light of Arka called belief;  The combined Light of Archa called Governances; ...

Equal Alters
This is a reference to the use of ladders at the alters. I consider among the churches, that the good and the bad use some of the same alters for the same reasons. The energy exchange is described, represents this use of a same alter reflecting many types of light and casting many types of shadows. The positioning for the alters is made by the man where he stand to pray or among other Ark where each might visit. We speak by the rules of those +R and to speak with the servants of those +R. Often to gain the services of that arch aiding with spirit making, they might have requirements, or rules to abide for the pursuit. My belief is that what is natural and natural deviation, is closer to god on a very long timeline. This for an observation of the natural conditions universe and god made, where evolved men and the generations of his flocks. An equal alter can also be understood with a moral observation for forgiveness, an officer and a citizen at the alter depends almost entirely on the rules of the +R for entry into the heavens from their gates.

Moral Rules and Laws
I mentioned once about moral guidance. I grew up in America, so it is a legal system I know well enough to speak about. When America began managing freedom some period of time ago, we had independent judges among towns that enforced by moral rules and sparse litigation. They did this until something natural was derived for legal measure. We eventually solved a problem of agreement among judges using a limited selfless prosperity agreement among men. This permitted the judges to work from a perspective of many Religions and to some common result that benefit a society. Most modern societies permit a citizen to reason a rule before a judge. What about the guidelines of a religion used for law, can they be reasoned too? 

Please contribute on responsibility and rule from other nations and/or religions as they relate from a natural perspective. Eventually these observations will be moved to the Arcanum. 

Ark Alters 
+ Natural, Among +R, EL: Environments, Life; 
  Earth has been alive biologically for hundreds of millions of years and more; 
  How old is a god?
  How long does god live?
  With understanding of the TLC Time Light Continuum how does a god know your truth?

The legality of ELLP is also among men in America and other nations. My belief is with the preservation of EL; Environment and Life on or among Surface and territory. I argue the LP as political and social prosperity.

For any of this content, Some might argue the presentation and I welcome it. These should be corrected with better information and more study, I present them here for further consideration.

Views from over 100+ Countries.