Apply for your GOA and COA credential.

Born on Earth, You an a citizen of an Ark. Below is a selection of the territory nations on earth.

Please select your national territory. This form is application for COA Credential as Citizen of the Continuum Society on Earth. Your allegiance is still that nation from which you hail, your argument as COA is Natural Arch Law, and is from your geographic position on the Natural Ark, and for the natural ARK; Planet earth and preservation of the environment and natural activity.

At government of an arch, and among other statements "My Continuum is my own: is each our own continuum government;" that continuum of light information reflected from the skin of the man the result of intelligent actions "is his own." Once it leaves the person, it is part of the universe and environment where others can "see". The continuum is my own, and the self government of each person identifies what information is put into that individuals continuum. The information in our continuums can last millions of years in space.

OIO, GAIA, and GAEA designations are not required to finish this process if service is to an other territorial government entity.

Select your territory and apply for COA Credential.

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