Some Notes 2015, Early Development "American" Political Party
Symbol: Bird: Ideogram viewing for party.

These notes are presented for opinion and contribution.

For God and Country 
A continent discussed here is America, there are more than 196 perspectives for GoA at a national level.

Draft - Party Preamble for American Party


Environment, Life, Liberty and Pursuit. Required one before the next as a natural order. Should 
a pursuit violate these agreed Prosperity; it will be questioned. Among the natural Freedom and those agreed protections for prosperity, criminal is not the beast or animal. This is a foundation for a political party. From it can be derived a rule that is within reason. 

Considerations for the formation of a political party called "American" Party

Part of my Ark; Sight is not a crime; My sight is my own. Should this mast stand firm, This solves the problem of what police are looking at, and civilians firing an argument. Between Police and nations. Between police nations and other nations. Should this mast bend, mind the rigging. This too, Voice is not a crime; My voice is my own and There should be no worry about a court on no action. These things I pledge allegiance to, our flag model, as I understood it, include provisions for speech and equality among men and nation. To this re-public, as from king to public rule, for within we stand. America is a nation ruled by the people and prosperity agreements. As nations with belief in gods, America is composed of not just many states, but hundreds of native nations already; including tribal territories. Indivisible as an American TLC perspective model, With liberty and Justice available where justice is sought, in our free nation, it is not "judgement for everyone."


Pace: The natural road; Freedom; and those agreed prosperity. 
The color selected is white, for some representation on the flag.
The party name is: 1/3 
Precision mechanism: Rule, demonstrated in Seattle and Colorado. The police 
change their actions according to the rule. (identified to deal with the number)
Funding: Lobbyists and donations, anti-legislation, pro-legislation.
Positioning politics: Reason within prosperity: ELLP.
Where are we managing: The longer, natural environment, on the road to Archa. 
Protections of prosperity for men, flock, and environment.
General Politics: Should men know the way, most will argue against a detour. In line with the freest institution of the 50 states, the federal government.
To victory: Each rule removed or modified, is tallied one step closer to freedom for all the people.

Conquering among the elderly and stodgy legislators the citizens will not easily yield ground in support of. Not poking at the wise; tilling and planting.

+ The red, white, and blue civil map. (politics in office)
+ The Freedom and Environment comparison among states.

Note: To think a party could manage any better than 200 years of talented elected leadership... The party is built on those minimum agreeable topics among men as that core party value. 

How would a politician begin as part of such a party platform: Understand ELLP and reason within prosperity. I suggest that some ethical guidelines and environmental enforcement defined already among freedoms are presented with an equality of reasoned always, and as needed.

More party pre-requirements: 
Intelligent political constructionists. Management. Candidates. 

American Party (Notes on reformation)

+ Freedom on the Natural Road. Social popular Deviation often has no moral guidance without an alter.
+ A minimum agreement is interpreted as environment, life, liberty, and pursuit. This is understood to identify and correct the rule that is not within reason.
+ We compare American rule today, a stack; to this other stack.
+ The environment, why is the environment so important to be noted? Because it is the natural road. We require environment to have life and we protect environment for life. Once we have life, we can determine the conditions of a natural liberty, and permit a pursuit if it does not violate the others.
+ Not anti legislation. We can set a prism to the light at center (white) and find the other colors. It governs the light to the extent we see the different colors.  So some government is needed to find the result we seek. We agree on it as a solid structure, governing closest to the road.
+ A man walks with a heavy pack. So is freedom without. That added protection of prosperity, suggests what is accomplished in that direction.
+ Reasoning away flowery or superfluous regulation, replacement with precision. 
+ Business reasoning for the consumer is avoided.

Political Advertising Examples:

Republican, American, Democrat.
That party founded by freedom.
You are now free to... (victory reference)
"Brought to you by the American Party"
3. The republican and democratic parties are a color of the prism put to white light.
   The colors of skin, perhaps could be seen from some combination of prism light.
   The color White, central to the flag, and saying "Red, White, Blue"
   The the color white for purity of freedom, the holly wood depiction of the good guys
   The topic of freedom, a pure white for pure freedom, central to the American way of life. (the  
   US gov is the free institution of the fifty states, and is used to ensure state rules/law 
   stay close to free. 
   The natural road is free, and good management keeps her environments livable and interaction     
   bearable among free men. 
4. This "state" is now more free then the others. Brought to you by the American party. 
5. What is religion and what is politics for me and ELLP? 

The EL is religious, the LP is political.

The topic of Environment and violations of the E in ELLP. (help me edit or add to this)

First, a pursuit that violates environment can harm residents as a result of negligence. Causing an area to be unlivable or a resource to be unusable without processing. Children breaking the others toy.
Second, Environmental modification that causes an area to be hostile to occupation. Massage therapy is a violation of media environments in a home or office.
Third, modifying a plant the universe and god spent hundreds of millions years evolving. Farmers might tell you the modifications to plants and added pesticides make them money and that they only kill insects and diseases. Seventy percent of Americans are on medication.

Rationalizing Criminal Labels:

The example of the officer and the bar fight in the central united states. Reasoning the conversation with the lady, preserved ellp for each involved. But is she a criminal because of some one time record? Let me ask, did she return to the bar to continue to the dispute time and again? Did the officer preserve ellp for those people in the bar many times over because of this person? Often that first conversation, or awareness is not enough to reason with habit or intent. The officer might have administered a conversation during the course of his duty to serve and protect many times before "crook" is thought. 

Natural Party Platform:

We manage to natural evolutionary conditions for the flock. The observation for this chapter, that environmental communication technology should be engineered with systems like wired networks, and to observe the same natural conditions of the known historical natural road; this road millions of years long, that made men without added energy or signals in the environment is to the |P|, and is just as long with those same conditions on the other side of the point. We want our children to walk the longer road; those conditions god and universe forged men with. 

Note: For those who consider the use of "ELLP" to be some reference that is only American. Please consider the difficulty identifying unselfish prosperities where rule can be derived with such agreement to protect them. The torch light the statue of liberty carries is freedom, like a fire is sometimes central to a community; our sun is central to our planets. That light on our currency is the pearl of agreement to protect a defined prosperity. The prosperity is not the currency, the prosperity is ELLP. The strength of the dollar is derived from the strength of our community. To continue building a strong community, we agree to these unselfish things that live longer then each of us. In this way, if these agreements are observed and protected, then perhaps our people and generations of our youth, will continue to have those conditions of. 

These agreements for prosperity among men and nation might be inspired, and with concern for how they are worded. I consider them like a pearl among free people and am partial to an American education. A book like a bible is also like an agreement for prosperity and perhaps with some moral implication. These social lessons are those things which continue to produce fruits among the people they serve. The books of elected leadership vary and these natural observations persist. EL is a natural prosperity for a natural government. At least these two things are required for consciousness. LP, these things enable commerce.

This party resembles America, because that is what the party is named for. The values or agreements of an "American," are those facets of the party; I suggest only a few in this document. 

In god We trust

Observation Ark, x number of +R, each say in god we trust; 

Why is this important for Ark and the American? Standing as any man, among our territory, of any religion, and saying those words, the man will refer to his own belief in a god. How does such a statement refer to all the gods?  When considering freedom of religion in the nation, that each of those +R say the same phrase "in god we trust," the statement has many men with many differing gods among them to trust. The nation at a higher tier, stating the same, and with no preference stated for the peoples choice of religion, other than "god." The gods are often considered the highest of authority in a religion. In this way, I might suggest a "trust with all the gods" is established. 

Tricky: Ten citizens believe in ten differing gods, at the arch level there is not preference, but the same statement is made by authority together with the selection made individually by each citizen. The trust with the gods is among men and the official trust is recognized dependent the statement of each man and his belief in a god or gods. The statement is courting favor with all gods of CoA belief. (I think it is rooted in the masons knowledge that other nations might not be christian, and from those nations we also grew our population with freedom of belief.)


Plan to inspire more independent chapters for the Party. Differing perspectives among the political support for each chapter where possible. Independent Chapter activity/politics considered and/or assembled by a national platform and larger elections. The popular observation the national elect run for larger elections is found among these chapters.

Notes; 2015

Document Copyright 2015 GoA