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Time Light Relativity

The representation of symbol suggest that we set a symbol or point in the center sphere where it represents that surface and the sphere taking the shape of the symbol or point. The additional spheres take also the shape of the symbol or point, representing the shape of time light at some interval distances around each set inside. This model is considered a tool with many uses. Follow the path of the triangle and observe the time of the point at center; Consider the complexity of time light observations when traversing the triangle as drawn between spherical distances. 9112015.
Theory of Relativity

Modification to title "Universal time light Continuum" is now: "Time Light Relativity"

Here with reference to the Time Light Continuum.
Time is mentioned first, it is believed older than the light and is point relative. Observation Application: Ruler 0|P|0 and Time Light Relative Modeling.

Model of Time Light Relativity including use examples v1.3 2015: Basic
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Clocks and Timers

Understanding the time light Continuum (record) from a point. The observation of a light record in motion away from a point is relative to observed time at distance and real time between the observation marker and the point. To contain an observation of a point to a single interior surface away from it, and insist on a single inward observable time period, the marker container built has the same proportional shape of the point at some interval distances around it. Each interval observes a time period of the point. In this series or markers, the light moves away from the point and through each marker to be measured and observed. Each successive marker observes the time relative information in the light as it passes. Each marker observes our point farther in the past because it takes the information time to reach the marker at distance from the point. This is ruled by a common light velocity with definition of distance years attributed by an inhabited planets clock. A single light, absent other crossing our observation, carry information at some resolution density, and it plays at the same speed animated through each close marker. A marker is defined as an invisible shape around a point built at some distance, where an observation made from any single or infinite other positions on the same marker, is of the same observable time light and relative distance from our point, though each observation we make might carry different data about the surface.

The light record grows away from the shape of the light exposed surface at the speed of light and past the markers for each container. Looking inward from any selected position on this referenced container wall, we see the dated activity play out to our selected position in the same observable time among same marker positions. The marker is first described as a container; it contains a point at some distance inside with some relative shape. Now, we will set another container, outside the first. Our position on this second container is drawn from surface of the center point to the second container position and through the position on the first container. Between these three points and markers, exist an equal distance for this observation. The point, the container, and each observation exist in real time. Each other position also contains a percentage of the total possible observation in time, from which another dated observation can be predicted present at other relative marker position at distance. Here we select marker to replace in the shape of the container. Our point at center begins to turn, and distance relative time marker 1, position 1, and has seen no movement. A moment later marker one detects motion as that which has already moved, and distance relative time marker 2, position 2 sees no movement anywhere on its plane. A moment later, Marker two detects movement, but it is the same movement marker one detected, only a moment later. While the position of each time marker remain static for our observation at the goven distance, the light continues to progress past each marker and position carrying its information at some resolution density, it plays out orderly to each position at the same speed and to each successive distance. Now we add a third marker, and this also an equal distance apart and our additional position set along our line; We now have time light relative marker 3, position 3 and it contains the point at center, marker one around that point, marker two around marker one. These are now expanded to be three, three dimensional markers around the point at center, and our point too is made three dimensional. There are now four points, with the first the surface of our point. The time light period which is seen by marker three, position three, of our point at center, is that time light which marker 2, position 2 has already seen play out from that angle, and after marker 1, position 1 has had a glimpse of the same. On these three markers, having randomly selected positions on the wall of each container shape, it is observed the same progress of time relative visual data between marker positions exist, and at the same speed to each, with a change only in what is observable of that time period at these series distances. Should we travel around a defined marker, the time is observed the same of the object at such distance, while what is seen changes as we move. From our point at center, and to each successive distance, our observation of a light record existing at each marker around the point, and each position, is determined with a visual path to the point observed. In this observation, from the outer most markers to the surface plane of our central point, no matter the velocity we travel, the light always leads back to real time, no matter the information it contains as we travel toward it. The observed time light, appears to shine relative to the past. In this next observation, we motion all positions on each distance relative time light marker in some direction around the surface of our point. As each position move around the markers observing the same relative time disparity along their path, an observation is made of the point at center simultaneously from each position to our central surface and from our surface to position on each marker. A common is defined when a path is identified which contain the same disparity in record time observation relative to real time between two points at some distance. With a marker evaluation, we say the light is emitted from the surface of our point 0|, means no light on the surface can be seen through the marker from under the surface. The length of light advances from 0| to 0|1, and then ticks to our first distance relative time marker 0|1 1|0, and from the right side of our second |0, the light tick at the second 1| cannot be seen from 0 positions, yet. The light progress past this marker to some length and 0|1 1|0 becomes 0|1 1|1 ... The light continues to progress past each marker, ticking each position, to some limit |0. This relative equation described for observation of this principle is 0| P |0. Further Usage is explained elsewhere.

To demonstrate this concept further; From this first defined marker with an infinite number of possible positions observing of the same time at some distance of the point. Out to the second larger marker having also an infinite number of possible positions observing lesser time at distance and relative to the smaller marker and then our point. We draw lines through each marker position to our point at center, defining the relative angles of observation on each marker position as they relate to the observation of that region of the point. The same characteristics in unobstructed visible time light progression and expansion of observation are present to each distance. Here, the record shape of the point grows to and through each successive marker relative to our observation. A reference to an infinite number of points on a marker, where contained at the distance is a smaller observation. The information contained within the light passes each of the infinite positions on each successive marker, and here we reference the shape and a common motion of the record.

The time light Continuum that is described, is a record, or shadow of another kind, within the Space Time.

The time light Continuum: that is described, can be understood with more simplicity. The light which is seen of our star by a point like Pluto, has some disparity at distance, and is of the same observed (added observed 9122015) time disparity at the same distance on the other side of the star where the planet is not. This describes a time light relativity around a star, or spherical object in space; the most abundant of known larger universal shapes. Recorded in the light, along with all these other data about the surface and those reltive characteristics of light, is imagery of the same time and to that distance relative to our star. This is seen at the observed speed of light carrying the information for our observations.


A Prediction and Observation:

Of that most distant galaxy we see with a telescope: I predict light of the same approximate time disparity, relative to light from that galaxy and our distance, exist at our same distance on the other side of that point reference. A proof that Is observation; I suggest from our point position we see some percent of that galaxy at the distance emitting light to us; Looking 180 degrees from our point, to a galaxy on our other side, we see that other % portion of the same kind of point emitting light to where we make both observations on each side of us. At our position, both observed galaxies are at the same distance, and we see light from both that is of the same disparity, at the same comparative speed of light it emits, to our position of observation. Narrowing to a single observation, two galaxies which are each twenty billion light years away, it is predicted to have another possible observation with the same distance and observed disparity at an opposite location to our observation of the same galaxy. The point record at this distance is three dimensional around the galaxy point we observe and has the marker shape of roughly the point at some distance, this is the same for both the galaxies. So at our position of observation, we can suggest the two galaxy records have each a marker with the same disparity meeting at out location. Saying our position is px1 when referencing the point of a single galaxy, we connect px1 and the predicted px2 around that galaxy point observed using that same shape, or a piece of it with less accuracy, like a single star within it. Along the shape of that point record the galaxy produces in three dimensional space around it, it is possible to meet both points px1 and px2, which are relative to and on opposite sides of, with a line drawn where motion along the line is with the same observable time disparity along the marker path between these two points. This line is not through the central point. Here px1 would be where we stand, and the prediction on the other side of the galaxy is at px2. Additional, both positions of these galaxies mentioned might see light from the our sun. For this example, On each galaxy mentioned here that is relative to our observation, we use px1 on one, and px2 on the other, where the point is our sun at center. I state that each referenced galaxy in our observation is at some equal distance from our star on either side; 20 billion years in each direction, and the size of the light sphere from our star contains them both at positions on the same marker surface, and likewise from each galaxy to our star. This is reference a common. The time light record from our star, our point record, is shaped like a sphere at distance, and these galaxies see light from our star of the same time disparity on that relative sphere marker. Considering a three dimensional record shape from our star which contains both of these galaxies at the same light distance and on the same marker, it is possible to draw a line along the shape of the light record marker between the two galaxies using the record from our star, to meet at opposite ends of our record source. Our path along this spherical shape, has the same minus time observation as we move, or disparity, at some distance; the passage of time is unaffected and the path accounting for disparity in observation of our star as we move between the galaxies. Any other position on this relative spherical marker containing these positions, in three dimensional space around our star, will observe the same time disparity at that distance absent other characteristics. I ask, is this time light model really distance relative? This suggests that the record shape from the point gets bigger over distance and time, that the light from the object grow in the shape of the object over some distance from it. We have relativity for a sphere from a common shape like a star are planet observed, but what if the object we measure for a difference in observation between real time and observed time, noted as disparity, is not a sphere. What if it is a square? To insist on a single inward observable shape of that square, with the same marker disparity observed of the object making the record at some distance as we travel around it, I choose the closest possible observation of the point at each position within a time light model around the square. The motion along this path with the same minus time observation, draws the marker in the same shape of the point, a square. The shape of a time light record, is the shape of the object at distance, and grows in the same shape if unaltered by other matter or energy. When observing disparity at some distance, we see an object of another time than that where it is today making a light record. The light has carried to my eyes, or our observation at some distance, a record to be interpreted. The shape of the record as it grows into the universe or the space around the point, is the shape of the point at some distance. Record time is shaped by and like the point.

Reference here is to pluto with a use example for the point, I reference a position at .5 revolution, and the other opposite 180 degree position where the planet is not, yet. This time light, or observed time disparity at distance, is also observed anywhere along a star relative sphere marker drawn of the same size from it, and having both points px1 and px2. For the purposes of observing disparity or other time light characteristics, in this example, pluto at .5 revolution is px1, and the other position is px2 at 1.0 revolution. We can travel along the sphere marker between both of these 180 degree opposite positions, and observe the same time light disparity of our star.

On the key, a reference for one reasoning why objects look smaller at distance in the universe.

Observing the information problem in proximity to a point with px1 and px2: Consider the three dimensional shadow barrier of the cross and other symbols of religion. A natural kind of law when the observation is complete. The shadow barrier is as much derived from the cross, at my observation of it, as it is for my person. Observing the cross, these things: the cross, the light from it, and the shadow barrier, exist one with the other. That symbol of a faith represents a basic shape for belief and other symbols can be used. The interesting part for me, is that no matter the color of the representation for the selected symbol, it is the same observed dimensions of shadow barrier relative to it and some light around it; absent some information in the shadow region. When I apply the use for symbol of time light relativity with the cross at center and follow the description above, I find another element of the cross to observe. The cross, the light, and the shadow barrier exist within a three dimensional observable framework for Time Light. This is difficult to explain, but to make it simple, I believe that even the sun might have a sort of shadow. Place a laser illuminator light a room, and then use another nano-meter laser while pointing them at each other, to have the light source cast a shadow. At night time we can see with our telescopes trillions of stars at some distances, all with light reaching our surface and that of other planets and our star. The lessor of light relative distance reasoned information around the star or object in a perspective direction, because of proximity for observation or other reason, is a part of the shadow barrier. I observe that absent information in the time light model point shadow relative area, other information is present where some is not. Observing the not so exceptional placement of px1 and px2 close to the point, it appears that the relative model has a flaw because of shadows during placements for the minute area of each adjacent the point in those regions. The correction: One coordinate is par less, while the other coordinate is par more; this concerning observable information in the model where the surface has measurable equal marker space above it and without obstruction including some reference of light or energy. The angle demonstrated for evaluation as an Arch Tool visualizes a shadow barrier as part of the angle.

"A measure at distance, is observed a measure in the past."

Calculated this while walking through a room, from each object relative to my position as I walked, thinking each object is seen in time relative to my observation from real time, like the stars. time light "Density" is also interpreted from our relative position during our walk. To explain this in more detail, our eyes collect, and the mind interprets these combined lengths of dated light as a single observation.

Why is this important, it is that light observed at x length with some information about surface characteristics is interpreted the same by our eye and mind to x+x length and some physical limit prevent us from interpreting light having certain suspected qualities. The information which light carry to some distance is correlated to a limit on biological observation I believe because of information density diffusion, the "packets" our biology is capable of interpreting from each source of light seen at our single point of observation grow smaller as light grows in length, recognition falls below an interpreted information threshold, and correlates to intensity of a source. The length of the light to which the information diffuses into the universe occasionally makes it difficult for a retina to interpret without magnification. An object at distance under magnification will reveal most of the details of an object and this detailed sample is carried to any position I set my telescope to observe of each other object in the universe, and I compare it to looking without my telescope. I can see the star in detail with my telescope, but not the naked eye. And the telescope, a magnification of a smaller stream of information determined relevant among bigger "packet" streams of light I can see. If my eyes cannot see the star for some problem of information density at distance, then why is it possible to magnify the same length of light and interpret it; it is brighter and bigger in the telescope, but it is just as old as the observation I make with my own eyes. The observation is of a resolution available at the place I set the telescope or observe with the naked eye, and that this relative resolution is available everywhere we have access to light and magnification, of any other visible object in the universe. The packets are smaller, have less intensity, but they still contain a degree of relative information, and at what size and resolution relative to the length of the light. The density is that at this position, these observations are accessible at such a distance to a single observer with detail and resolution, and are relative to some size at distance correlated with the previous observation. Light fades over distance to each other observation when the relative size of an interpreted "packet" stream with information density, and among other streams with information density, decreases in size and resolution over some distance below a progressively known set of observational thresholds.

It is important that bio logical is defined as "a logical order derived from biology;" of this shape or another, this means of survival or another, and with this tool set or another; here is a biological processor which permits intelligence, consciousness, and intelligent interaction with ourselves, others, and the environment for some extended period of time. Use example here: "The logic of this biology is naturally derived in the shape of a man, and keeps him alive."

0|p|0, much=p, 0| 1p |0, 0|dt1 1p 1td|0, at any distance where light from a point is visible, we see record time, or time light, as observed from real time. Stars and planets have natural symmetry in this observation. The shape of record time is like that of the point reflecting or emitting the light record; the observation of a point can be reassembled or interpreted from any relative position around it as looking like the point from that angle of observation, information present and permitting no obstruction, it is seen dated or as existing in the time and position the point reflected or emitted the light we see. Light from mass or an energetic laser beam act the same in this regard; which is why point is used as the selected reference instead of mass.

Applying this science to existing: To build a coordinate system with time relative positioning, the common GPS positioning is used, with an addition, altitude above surface references a time marker relative observation. Can be used for timing common observed disparity between two points in motion which are surface relative, when targeting weapons systems. This solution I consider for targeting at light speed. Between two objects at some velocity, their is a light based visual disparity. This observed disparity might not be observable because of distance, but it is still time relative to distance from the object emitting or reflecting light.

"Time travel is a tactic of deception at position relative to a real time."

Time Light Model of Relativity

Theory of relativity with simplicity. The use of a P, or point, to identify a star in this example is relative to 0| P |0. We add 0| 1t 1xP| P |Px2 t1 |0. Measurements for Energies and other variables are stacked at each marker and are made relative to the points. The addition of two points that have observational relativity when the time light continuum is used as a guide for placement. The 0| and |0 are limits on either side of our point, and here placed beyond our additional points to observe that an observation is contained where they are placed. A limit is defined, where the position of 0, or zero, through the |, or marker, and of the 1, does not have light beyond the marker to the position of 0. We set these two limit markers at some distance relative to the addition of two prior points. In this instance, we only consider the surface of our star and that it is lighted and shaped like a sphere, to highlight the shape of our continuum. We set the points on opposite sides of the star at some distance; shown similar in the ruler above. The time light continuum markers are used for placement of these point at some defined distance for a time based observation. The observation in our model of relativity is guided with point placements in the light and energy continuum to capture an observation, from one side or the other, contained at the marker. This observation, absent obstruction and in space, suggests that if light exist at our position of Px1|, light exist at the second point of observation |2xP. This model is used to define that on the other side of the most distant galaxy man can see, at the same distance we sit from the observation and on the opposite side of that same galaxy, we also see light from the point selected. Having a model of the continuum around the object, we can move our point set around the mass in space and make a continuous complete observation of the object with these two points Px1| and |2xP, however they are worded, and in the same relative time of our point. The continuum at some distance in three dimensions around each visible celestial object, where we place our series of points, contains without visibility and in three dimensional space around the object, a total plane containing a complete single observation of the object at central in the same observable time. I suggest Einstein's model of relativity sit within this model and is mathematically verifiable between both models.


DevelopersApply This

The worth, of a science, is determined by that which can be built of understanding derived from the practice, of a science.

This contribution is to science. Model compatibility is determined with comparison of observation to another inhabited planets clock when we discuss the measurement of a light year relative to some continuum observations and coordinate locations. That rotary period of the intelligent species is often the determining factor for machine based timing and the consideration below should be observed with timing relative to earth. That it should not discredit that science which has produced confirmation to date, that it is verifiable and relative to other equations and observations which are not discussed on this forum at this time.

The government of an Arc, produces an Arc. The government of an Arc, is sometimes of construction for life and technology. We govern an arc each time we govern electricity with some assembly of matter to an end result; computers or biology. This web address is called the www.governmentofanarc.com or theory of relativity.net

Universal Water Cycle

Science to date suggests that the earth acquired its fluids with some process of accretion having large amounts of frozen ice make contact with our surface. I suggest the ice which found its way to the surface as composition to the planets was acquired by a process of gradual accretion as comets dissolve around the sun. That the suggestion of comets slamming into the surfaces of universal worlds to gather water is incorrect as a process sourced as a description with totality. As a comet finds its way to the sun, it leaves a trail behind it, which is obvious in some statistic that does not point to the star as it travels. Throw water at a fusion reaction, and it will dissolve into steam before it makes contact or other minerals as it moves in closer, and absent needed velocity and adequate mass to survive the approach. As the comet finds a path closer the the surface of the star, the water is flash boiled, sometimes sterilized, and dispersed into space away from where it was dissolved. That motion of particle of water, compares to the manner the planets might also collect mass, and this from the ejection of converted mass away from the sun and into the path of the planets. Minerals and water collect over a period of time to our planets and surfaces, after the sun collects them for processing before they are ejected as converted mass, as the dynamic of the sun with calculations of energy at distance, determine how these molecules of mass move and where they collect relative to the charge of a planets and the star. Water does not like to touch a star in general, and will find a path around it if the dynamic is correct. Over the course of billions of years, the earth has acquired water, which has made Pangaea look like it does today. A calculation, based on ice melt suggests that if these dissolved comets contributed to the biosphere of earth at the rate of 3mm of water a year from the process described, earth would be approximately 119 billion years old, and composed almost entirely of water. Of course earth has other mass which it has collected and other composition means require analysis for such an estimate to be accurate. This water which is not collected by the stars or the dependents, finds it way into extra solar space, and perhaps to become part of a larger ball of ice that will make its way back to our stars or to another star to be part of the same process of accretion that is adding water to those other surfaces with the characteristic to attract and contain it. Currently, men believe earth has a static volume of water, this cycle describes a process which suggests that the volume of water on earth is not a static figure, and like the billions of years prior, we can expect earth to continue to acquire more water over the next billions of years. Another reference to the Oceans of Eternity and the water continuum among stars, that is out side that observation contained in light at distance; I suggest that this too is the means planets around other stars also acquire in part, their water.

Solar Water Cycle is the name of this concept, as I can not prove this cycle is similar near other stars and planets. ON this day, and have not completely deciphered the process.

Summary: The other planets also acquire water in some variation of this model of the solar water cycle, and in a way which is duplicated around other stars in the universe for other planets collecting the substance. The factor would be, of course, the characteristics of the star as it relates to the cycle of comets flash melting around a star, that collects the dirt and ejects the water in some way. That which is not collected by the surfaces freezes and collects at distance from the sun and planets, and sometimes back into icy objects. The placement of earth and the behavior of molecules around a heat source are some measure which I cannot include here yet. Only that our planet has been collecting water for a very long time in the place it is, and possibly the result of some charge and behavior of a molecule that does not seem to touch the sun at some velocity; or perhaps our location is collecting it here as the water looses heat or some other affect of influence this or that at distance from and relative to.

A confirmation of!
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When another stop to draw, often inside the mind lay a vision of what is seen. The history of man, a story of drawings and understood messages. To convey with instrument what is seen and often written in stone for the ages, we call a foundation in art. The skill for an artist, learned by a man, is to take that design from a mind, and place it to substance for others to see the same, and as accurately as possible. Often when we deliver our drawings or art, we expect that another person see what we see. That perhaps with our message they would visibly understand the breadth of the statement made with only a few strokes of a brush. I could draw a shape on a piece of paper, and call it a house before handing it to another, and speak as though one would expect that house to be present also in the mind of whom see my shape without words describing it as a house. The scribbles do not survive, the houses with understanding will. In observation of rule, it should be known that for a person in authority, a lot of shapes said to look like something are drawn by unconnected persons who want them addressed immediately.


an atom

What is understood with this structure of observation

a time positioning

a laser

a shield

a clock







This Model of Relativity
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Faith and Science The government of an arc, or the arca, is done with varied means. Here, we consider the arc, to be as a type, some electricity, and we will make a comparison to the ark of faith. Here, we can pick some electronics; a computer, a cellphone, a tablet, and a television. We say, that we govern the spark for each device, from inspiration to product; even the product sometimes governs a spark to some result. The government of an arc, suggests that with some assembly of matter, something is achievable, if it is assembled to govern the spark correctly. The display of some characters. This, is the same when we consider that faith we look to for inspiration. Here, we pick Catholic, Islam, and the American Tribes as some faith, and compare it to the government of a sparc, only, here, from inspiration to the life of a faith and a people it serve. The government of an ark, say the catholic rite, is done from the foundations on which it was built. These suggested devices govern a sparc, like to structure of a faith governs an Ark. These few mentioned devices could also be referred to as among Arca (many sparks); whilst the small list of faith, as among Arka (many religious constructions) or just an Ark, with added a Religious structure, ritual, burial rites, belief in a dimensional existence... attributed from each religion as identified.

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