"That We Govern for Freedom"
"Oceans and Atmospheres"

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This tool has a representative observation at the tip of each leg, looking back at what is seen of the sphere represented. Each leg is measuring the light and relative to the black colored information shadow barrier. The angle is assembled to resemble that similar wooden angle and represents measurement with time and light distance among other things. A point of observation, or a limit observation, exist at the tip of each angle leg in this drawing as a |0 or |. I earned this from an angel for achievement in the study of Time and Light. This angle symbolizes the reliable governance of the Continuum. This angle represents a perspective.

While an angle can be used many times for measurement, we stack them together for navigation intellectual or over distance and relative to many points. This creates the compass, where light is used for navigation. That perhaps each other flag will cast her shadow. This compass symbolizes navigation among what is measured, that all those other stars we see in the sky also cast an information shadow from our own star. A pearl, as our knowledge grow with research, and as each topic become proven like a angle, the compass begins to shine for us as we set what we know to make a light. This representation is lighted for navigation of both stars and intellectual pursuits. This compass shines as presentation is made with assembly of angles or perspectives about the point. 11142014.

Hand Symbol
This represents record time and other energy. The representation is made because the circle our fingers make around the object in some arbitrary way represent what a light record looks like at some distance from a round object we might look through to. The shape made with fingers symbolizes navigation to what is seen and the understanding of record or light time around a similar shape; the fingers represent other energy.
Time Light Relativity

The reference of measure here is only one type, and is that of a ruler with some relative characteristics, which is used for navigation. This ruler, is under development as part of the Keys of an Arch. Many measure can be put to this ruler to represent a comparison. 0|P|0 is a type of container to demonstrate the |Marker Model.

Angle and Measure
Represents a reliable governance among that which is measured, here some symbols for governance and additional measurement. The Time Light Continuum is one of the oldest reliable governances in the universe.

The Government of An Arc, An Arch, An Ark. The Arc of Life and Technology, the Arch of Construction, and the Ark of Faith.

Name, Angle, Compass, Hand Symbol, Measure; They need some work. The black circle, means surface of a point, the bright spot is the surface and the collective shadow of the circle in black. The legs of the angle or legs of light, and between them oceans and atmospheres. The compass, is the same, the work of each angle tool is added to the light, for a collection of knowledge which make the compass shine. The symbol a container for time and a depiction of the energy the markers are drawn to measure for a circle. A picture of that word which is nameless today. The shadow is made not only with the absence of information in the light to some distance, but the absence of each other energy which can cast a shadow around a point. On navigating the Oceans of Eternity, This pearl of wisdom. The compass shines like a star in three dimensions. It actually is a star; but it can represent other surfaces. Use that hand symbol above, it correlates to the shape of record time around a star when you look at a star through your fingers. The angle, has a surface point(s) for engagement. The words are decoration derived from "on gi on si", or on sea on sea; a greeting, meaning to sail on the waters and in the heavens. We reference this as an Angle for the Oceans of Eternity. An finite number of Angles can be stacked in this way to reference multiple surfaces. The ruler 0| P |0 Used as an addition, also in three dimensions, can have which ever measure best suit the symbol used for Point, in this instance of use Point is represented by P, but could be anything else. An infinite number of Markers or Limits can be applied; The markers like distances on a ruler, the measure is also in that language best suited for understanding by the observer.

These documents are still under construction, do not complain about early access to these topics without proposing a solution or offer to participate. I welcome intelligent communication.

Dictionary Terms

P|1|1 -|1
P|1|1 +1|

0|1 of 4 Lengths of light from our point; Each l 1ength is a branch of light added to 0|P[t2][e2]|0; [t1]; it took some time to bring Point into existence; and [e1] energy for the point to emit some light; inside a known or unknown limit |0 relative to P. No light can be seen of a 1, from the position of 0.

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